Scaling out

Scaling out with Scense 8

There are several reason why it might be interesting to use more than one Scense server to service your users. For larger sites it might be necessary to cope with the workload, for smaller sites it might just be to offer high availability.

How to setup an additional Scense server

At some point you might find yourself stuck with the task of creating an additional Scense server. After taking a look at the Scense Setup you have learned that there’s no option to do this automatically without setting up a new database as well. So here’s your guide to creating an additional Scense server manually…

Scense News App

Scense News app for Windows Phone 8 is live

The Scense News app for Windows Phone 8 can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. Just like the Windows 8 app that was release in December, this unofficial Scense News reader pulls information from twitter, the ScenseGuru blog and the official Scense blog. Enjoy.