New custom criteria section on the Download page

Scense 8.2 (which is released to partners today) fully enables the custom criteria for administrators. To celebrate this we have added a new section on our downloads page for custom criteria and we’ve already added some content.

Custom criteria, once imported, are indistinguishable from built-in criteria and can be used in the same way and for the same objects.

Importing them is easy. Just click the ‘Manage Criteria’ button in the System tab on the Scense Explorer ribbon. The ‘Manage Criteria’ window opens and shows all available criteria currently in the Scense system. To import a downloaded custom criterion, simply click the ‘Import’ button and browse to the .SCX file. (Due to limitations of our website the custom criteria have the .doc extension, so you’ll have to rename the extension to .scx before importing them)

After importing the custom criterion it will be immediately visible in the manager window and you can make some changes to it if you like (perhaps you want all custom criteria in a specific category…).

They will also be visible in the Criteria Selector so you can immediately start using them.

Once selected the custom criterion will look and feel the same as the built-in criteria.

Check out the custom criteria section on the Downloads page.

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