Nice App-V 5.0 integration in the new Scense 8.2 release

Today Scense 8.2 was released with ‘App-V 5.0 integration’ as main feature.

After having played with Scense 8.2 for a few days now we can say that it all looks and feels very simple to deploy App-V 5 applications to users. I’m sure there’s a lot going on ‘under the hood’, but the user experience is far from complex.

Scense Easy Delivery now handles the .appv file format just as easily as it handles the others (like .msi and .sprj etc.). Shortcuts and file type associations are automatically handled for the application and it all just works and feels very familiar.

The way Scense handles application dependencies is perhaps the most impressive. Not only will Scense automatically create ‘Connection Groups’ for two or more dependent App-V 5 applications, it will also handle dependencies between different application types. E.g. Making a Windows Installer application dependent of an App-V 5 application will make the MSI-application run inside the App-V 5 bubble. It’s even possible to have dependencies between App-V 4.6 and App-V 5 applications, where the 4.6 bubble will run inside the 5.0 bubble and the other way around. This might be useful in upgrade or migration scenarios. Cool stuff…

One other feature we particularly like is the Async option in the Taskset action, which makes running multiple Scense tasks simultaneously very easy indeed. Now it’s very simple to make use of your quad core processor and speed up that logon script by side-tracking those time consuming tasks.

The full release notes are on the official Scense blog here.

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