Scense Debug Viewer

The Scense Explorer offers pretty good tools for troubleshooting, like e.g. the executive log. Generally it will take less than a minute to find out what went wrong in almost all runtime scenarios. There are, however, situations in which these tools are not sufficient. If you have to dig further then you’re required to set variables and edit config-files to get the information you need from the debug log files. These files are not centrally stored, which means that you will have to look them up and control them remotely. Luckily we have a tool for you to make things easier.

The new tool from ScenseGuru to deal with most of the pain is called ‘Scense Debug Viewer’ and it will help you access those log files remotely. It will even automatically highlight errors in the log file for your convenience. By adding several computers you will be able to easily view the log files on multiple computers.

There are already some nice features:

  • Toggle the ‘Debug mode’ at remote computers with one click
  • Search and highlight phrases in the log file
  • Locate the log file in Windows Explorer
  • View all users and their log files on a remote computer
  • View the Scense Setup Log file on a Scense server

When toggling the ‘Debug mode’ on a remote computer, you will need administrative privileges on this remote computer. If the Debug mode is switched ON at a target computer, the program will set the ScenseDebug system-variable to 1 and set the trace-level in all significant config files to ‘Verbose’. Then it will ask you whether or not you would like to remotely restart the Scense OnDemand service to let the new settings take effect for this service. After this you may ask the user to logoff and logon to let the new settings take effect for the user. Now the user can try to reproduce whatever went wrong and you can view the log files remotely.

It is possible that the viewer won’t show any users or log files. This is very probably due to insufficient access rights on the remote computer, or a disabled remote registry service.

You can download the Scense Debug Viewer here.
This is a work in progress and there may be issues. Please post any issues in the comments so they can be fixed.


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