How to install Scense 8.2 on Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012 R2 is not officially supported by Scense 8.2, at least that’s what the Scense Setup tells us. What if we want to install on it anyway?

Update: The issues described in this article seem to be solved in Scense 8.2 (build 2520), which you can download from the Scense website. The installation will, however, only work when the ‘Custom’ installation path is selected.

What happens if we just try?

When trying to install Scense 8.2 on Windows Server 2012 R2 you should, of course, make sure all prerequisites are in place. This can be done by following the instructions for Windows Server 2012 in the Scense Installation guide.

The next thing is starting the Scense Setup and that’s where we come across the first signs of trouble. During the detection phase of the setup we are told that ‘The current OS is not supported by Scense Setup‘. Fortunately this is just a warning and the setup lets us continue. During the next pages we don’t notice anything special and finally we can start the actual installation.

The installation starts and progresses through the steps as expected, but it seems to take much more time to install the Scense Engine Services. And at some point it tells us that it was ‘Unable to register the Scense engine application‘ and we should examine the log file.

We get the same messages for the Scense Update Engine…

Even though the setup tells us that the ‘Scense installation has finished successfully‘ it’s very important that we do not continue before fixing what’s wrong. So, do not click the OK-button just yet.

You can take a look at the log file and it will show you that it was not able to access the Scense Engine web services, while getting ‘(404) Not Found’ messages.

Fix the problem

After some investigation we discovered that the problem is hidden in the Scense application pool. For some reason the Scense Setup was not able to set the right .NET Framework for the ScenseAppPool. We can easily fix this with the IIS Management Console.

In the Application Pools view we see that the ScenseAppPool has the v4.0 .NET CLR assigned to it, which is wrong. We can easily switch it to v2.0 by double clicking the ScenseAppPool and change the .NET CLR version to v2.0.

And that’s it… Now we can click the OK-button in Scense Setup and let it continue to install the workstation software if that’s what you chose.

So, even though Windows Server 2012 R2 is not yet supported by Scense Setup the software can be installed on it and it will work as expected. It just needs a little help.

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