Conveniently invoking PowerShell scripts from Scense

Scense has supported embedded scripting since forever but it has not adopted PowerShell just yet.
For those of you who would like to get a little more control over your PowerShell scripts this new download might be interesting.

Invoking a PowerShell script from Scense using a Process Action is as easy as starting notepad, but this method comes with some disadvantages:

  • Any output of the script must be written to proprietary log files
  • There’s no way you can use the power of Scense variables
  • Your PowerShell scripts are stored somewhere on a file share

This new action template from ScenseGuru will solve these issues.

After you downloaded and installed the template, you can copy and paste your tested PowerShell script into a new PowerShell Action and use it as if it were just another Scense action.

The script code will be stored in the Scense database, so it’s always available to the Scense Client even when you’re outside the corporate network or otherwise unable to access the file servers.

As the screenshot above shows, you can incorporate Scense variables (including query- and function variables) inside your PowerShell script. These variables will be resolved just before the script is invoked.

Any standard output will be automatically captured and written into the Scense executive log, which means that you can view the output of the script in Scense Exporer just like you would with any other action.

Look at the screenshot below to see the output of the example script.

Download the template here.


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