Sabatical? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and moved on…

Sorry you had to miss me for all this time.
Due to other priorities in life my focus was a bit off.
But the important part is: I’m back… And I am happy to see you’re still here!

So! Now that I’m fully charged, you can expect me to continue offering new insights in how to effectively manage desktops and applications with Scense.

Since my last post in 2015 a lot has changed in IT land. Microsoft successfully introduced Windows 10. This again introduced a lot of functionalities that are different than before. Apps are coming from stores, not only on a phone or tablet, but also on the desktop (and in organizations with corporate stores like the Scense Service Point). The complete IT market is shifting from offering a pre-configured desktop, defined by management and IT, to a more personal definition or even BYOD. The user is more and more ‘in control’ to determine what tools they need to perform the tasks given on the most effective way.

And what about security! Security bulletins are published in a fast pace, and the vulnerabilities are exploited even faster. So, you absolutely want to be able to manage the deployment of updates for applications and systems.

As Scense is a toolbox for IT, the possibilities are only limited to the creativity of the person managing it. I want to spark this creative process by showing how to access the hidden gears in computer systems and kicking them in overdrive. I might also just pick an existing extension and explain why it is a little gem, and how you could create one of these yourselves!

I will also be more active on the Scense Forum. So feel free to visit there as well, to ask questions and even propose a topic for one of the next blogposts!


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