Scense 8

Scense 8 has been released

Today Scense 8 was released. New features include scopes & criteria, printer objects, location awareness etc. Scense 8 adds support for SQL server 2012, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. For more info check the official announcement.

Scense 8 BYOD

Scense 8 and BYOD

While previous Scense versions supported the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenario, Scense 8 extends this functionality significantly. It’s because of the new support for internet protocols that connecting to a Scense back-end from the internet has become a lot easier, and now Scense 8 even allows you to install software over the internet. Scense…

Live Profiles

Best practice Scense Live Profiles

Looking at Scense Live Profiles I see a user profile solution capable of replacing the old roaming profiles, but does this mean that I should use it the way I used the roaming profiles? This and other questions I try to answer in this article.

Runtime Extension

Runtime extensions in Scense 8

Scense offers a variety of functionality ‘out-of-the-box’, and most implementation challenges can be handled with the built-in actions, conditions and other objects. But sometimes you need this special action or variable or this special condition that simply isn’t there. In these cases the Scense Runtime Extensions will be your friend.

Hands on Scense 8

Hands on with Scense 8 preview

Scense 8 is the upcoming next version of the Workspace Management system. It brings interesting new functionality but the Scense development team has made some drastic changes under the hood as well.