Scense Debug Viewer

Scense Debug Viewer

The Scense Explorer offers pretty good tools for troubleshooting, like e.g. the executive log. Generally it will take less than a minute to find out what went wrong in almost all runtime scenarios. There are, however, situations in which these tools are not sufficient.

Scense 8.1

Scense 8.1 has been released

Today Scense 8.1 was released. This service release resumes support for Oracle and brings lots of improvements administrators will appreciate in everyday use. Please read the official release notes.

Download Page

New! the ScenseGuru Download page

As of now the ScenseGuru blog has a genuine download section reserved for actual content from actual Scense administrators. We invite all creative Scense professionals out there to share some of your custom built tools. Today we made a start with a couple of very useful action templates (thanks Michael) and we hope to be…