Scaling out

Scaling out with Scense 8

There are several reason why it might be interesting to use more than one Scense server to service your users. For larger sites it might be necessary to cope with the workload, for smaller sites it might just be to offer high availability.

How to setup an additional Scense server

At some point you might find yourself stuck with the task of creating an additional Scense server. After taking a look at the Scense Setup you have learned that there’s no option to do this automatically without setting up a new database as well. So here’s your guide to creating an additional Scense server manually…

Download Page

New! the ScenseGuru Download page

As of now the ScenseGuru blog has a genuine download section reserved for actual content from actual Scense administrators. We invite all creative Scense professionals out there to share some of your custom built tools. Today we made a start with a couple of very useful action templates (thanks Michael) and we hope to be…


How to configure Location Services (Part 3)

In part 1 and 2 we have shown how to configure the Scense 8 location services. We’ve seen how using pattern matching will significantly enhance accuracy. As with any location system there are limits to what can be achieved. Checking the IP-subnet will not give you much accuracy, but it will work without the need…


How to configure Location Services (Part 2)

In part 1, we defined the location levels and we built the location tree. After that we tried to tell the Scense runtime system how it can determine the location for a certain computer and we saw that that’s not an easy task. In part 2 we try to achieve more accuracy on locating computers…


How to configure Location Services (Part 1)

Scense 8 offers Location Services. How does it work? What is possible and what isn’t? A first glance at the location configuration ‘tools’ in Scense Explorer does not immediately make things clear. There’s the ‘location levels manager’ and the ‘pattern matching manager’ and with a bit of clicking around we can find the ‘location root’,…

Scense Upgrade

Best practice Scense 8 upgrade

Upgrading to Scense 8 might seem scary after you’ve seen the upgrade notice. It tells you that Scense 8 is not compatible with any of the previous versions and your workstations will be forced into local cache. The fact that the Scense setup offers an in-place upgrade promises at least some compatibility…

Hands on Scense 8

Hands on with Scense 8 preview

Scense 8 is the upcoming next version of the Workspace Management system. It brings interesting new functionality but the Scense development team has made some drastic changes under the hood as well.