User Profiles (and the way we have to live with them)

Most of you reading this will recognize this situation: Finally the long awaited IT infrastructure upgrade budget is granted and you can start thinking about the way some details will be handled. The big scopes, like which iron (servers, storage, inhouse or in the cloud) are going to be used are known, but when focusing…

How to get usage data on any application

Scense 10 lets you monitor the usage of applications. But what if you want to monitor applications that are not delivered by Scense? By simply checking the box that says ‘Enable metering for this Application’ you can tell the Scense application monitor service to start monitoring the usage of the application. This works for all…

Scense 10

Today Appixoft released the next major version of Scense. It brings some long awaited features like Software Metering and Grouped Criteria. Here’s the complete list.

Scense 8.1

Scense 8.1 has been released

Today Scense 8.1 was released. This service release resumes support for Oracle and brings lots of improvements administrators will appreciate in everyday use. Please read the official release notes.

Scaling out

Scaling out with Scense 8

There are several reason why it might be interesting to use more than one Scense server to service your users. For larger sites it might be necessary to cope with the workload, for smaller sites it might just be to offer high availability.