Scense 10

Today Appixoft released the next major version of Scense. It brings some long awaited features like Software Metering and Grouped Criteria. Here’s the complete list.

Scense 8.1

Scense 8.1 has been released

Today Scense 8.1 was released. This service release resumes support for Oracle and brings lots of improvements administrators will appreciate in everyday use. Please read the official release notes.

Scense News App

Scense News app for Windows Phone 8 is live

The Scense News app for Windows Phone 8 can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. Just like the Windows 8 app that was release in December, this unofficial Scense News reader pulls information from twitter, the ScenseGuru blog and the official Scense blog. Enjoy.

Scense Upgrade

Best practice Scense 8 upgrade

Upgrading to Scense 8 might seem scary after you’ve seen the upgrade notice. It tells you that Scense 8 is not compatible with any of the previous versions and your workstations will be forced into local cache. The fact that the Scense setup offers an in-place upgrade promises at least some compatibility‚Ķ